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    May 2012
             Under the demands of Expanding Production Scale and better developing vision, we moved our office and working plant to a new
             address: Guanghui Technology Park of Longgang district. This new expansion is nearly three times of the original one no matter in
             office or production area.
             We are keeping on moving forward and trying for higher target and wide marketing future, Believe in CAMERAY, you will win
             a better world for your life!

    Oct 2010
             Micro EFFIO-P camera was marketed to sell.

    Oct 2010
             Our second-generation Audio and Video Pole Inspection Camcorder was developed and launched as scheduled.

    Oct 2010
             Our first Full HD Police Camcorder was launched and caught lots of eyeballs and recycle orders.

    Oct 2010
             We developed two series of Flashlight Camcorder which highest resolution with 540TVL and assorted with wireless transmit 

    Oct 2010 
             We developed another brand-new item “50M Deepwater Camera System” and passed SGS Certification.

    Oct 2010
             We developed out the second-generation Police Camera Recorder which multifunctional with built-in and external cameras.

    Oct 2010
             Our first-generation Police Camera Recorder was developed and launched to the markets.

    Aug 2010 
             The micro SS-3 third-generation Wide Dynamic Camera was marketed to sell.

    May 2010
             A wholly-owned core chip R & D center was established.
             We established our wholly-owned R & D Center which mainly developed core chipsets.

    Feb 2010
             Our first-generation Life Detector was developed to the markets, we named it as Pole Inspection Camcorder later and on.

    Apr 2009
             Our first-generation Sports Camcorder was launched to the markets.

    Jan 2009
             Our product “ Vandal-Proof Dome CCD Camera” won the award of “2008 Top Ten Pioneer Security Products Award of China”.

    Jul 2008
             CAMERAY and HC SECURITY CHANNEL jointly organized a activity named as “CAMERAY-2008 SECURITY TRIP IN CHINA”, this trip
             throughout more than 60 major cities of the country and all kinds of important electronic distributor centers, All these activities
             made our CAMERAY brand and surveillance series were deeply rooted in the security filed and win back with good reputation and
             widely orders and customers.

    Jun 2007
             Our company successfully developed a pioneering product “automatic extensional camera system” , we applied and won many
             patents in domestic and foreign patent Bureaus for this brand-new invention.

    Oct 2006
             From early of 2004 to Oct 2006, we equipped with totally 3 sets of SMT processing equipment, and achieved the fully
             automated production of components surface-mounting technology.

    Feb 2006 
             Shenzhen CAMERAY Electronic Co., Ltd was formally established.

    Aug 2005 
             Our first wireless camera was launched.

    Jun 2004 
             The predecessor of CAMERAY--Shenzhen DTC Industrial Co., Ltd--was founded. It began to produce, sell and agent the security
              monitoring electronics.

    Mar 2004 
             Ultra-miniature split camera was launched and patented.

    Sep 2003 
             We self-researched and developed video surveillance electronics, our first item-Mini bullet Camera was launched and patented, 
             then followed by PIN-HOLE Camera specialized for Banking and Financial system application.